Total control over beautifully styled grids

Perfect Grid is a Joomla module extension allowing you to build great looking content grids from your Joomla articles. Easily design your grid with an easy to use drag and drop interface. With each grid, you create you can select from a collection of 100's of different styles to present your content. Find the perfect style for your content displaying the fruits of your work in an eye-catching manner.


Endless Possibilities

Perfect Grid offers you total control translating to endless possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Quick & Easy Setup

A Perfect Grid in Seconds

With an intuitive drag n' drop UI to build your layout, Perfect Grid allows you to quickly and easily build beautiful grids.


Built for Speed

A front-end grid free from dependencies and using the most up to date technique ensures lightening fast rendering.

Actual output of the module:

Lorem ipsum dolor

Consectetuer adipiscing

Phasellus hendrerit

Pellentesque aliquet

Morbi purus libero

Dapibus sed, urna

Tortor libero sodales

Vestibulum volutpat

Faucibus adipiscing

Neque euismod dui

Lacus a ultrices

Vitae luctus metus

Eros pede semper est

Vulputate volutpat

Nibh nec urna


Build your Grid with complete Control

Building your grid layout could not be easier. An intuitive user interface allows you to drag n' drop each block on to your grid. Simple controls allows you to size and position each block to your own taste.

Perfect Grid will then populate your newly built layout from your Joomla articles. If the number of articles set to display exceeds that of your grid then the grid will simply repeat until all items are displayed.

Actual output of the module:


Choose from 100's of different styles to display your content.

Perfect Grid comes packed with a wide range of styles to choose from. These styles range from the simple to the ornate with carefully crafted details and eye catching animations.

The wide collection of styles cover all your possible needs from news feeds to portfolio galleries. What ever it is we have made sure the Perfect Grid has you covered.

Get started with Perfect Grid today!

There are tons of possibilities how Perfect Grid can be used on a webpage. Join today and unleash the endless possibilities the Perfect Grid modules has to offer.

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